Distraction is the cause of many road accidents. It is defined as an element that distracts the driver of the vehicle, reducing its concentration and alertness on the road. Distracted driving may be due to different situations such as eating, smoking, manipulating GPS or radio, using his or her cell phone and interact with a passenger.

According to a survey from the Florida Times on the perception of Floridian about distracted driving, respondents recognize that the problem is serious. By cons, when respondents rate their behavior, the perception of danger is different. Respondents often say that they have no behavior that could distract them.

Five years ago, we questioned the use of GPS in cars to see if they are a distraction. Indeed, these devices have a road map on a screen to follow the directions, the driver of a vehicle can view the screen and listen to voice commands. However, the Code of Road Safety stresses that any device that provides information on a screen is prohibited. This is what Article 439 of the Code of Highway Safety states:

Except in cases or conditions prescribed by regulation, no person shall drive a road vehicle in which a TV or a screen that display information is placed so that the driver can see the image directly or indirectly passed on the screen.

The other connected technologies

The era of mobile connected devices influences the way by creating distractions. The HSB has also strengthened the penalty for the use of cell phones while driving. The offending driver now lost four demerit points. However, what about smart watches? There are no concrete rules for the smart watch, but its functionality can be a distraction for drivers. The HSB has also made a return recently to road users to remind them that the connected devices are a distraction that interferes with driving.

The presence of connected objects imposes challenges. A redesign of the Highway Safety Code is required. This initiative would eliminate the gray areas and to adequately explain to road users which is considered aresponsible and which deserves punishment by law.

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